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General Info
Full Name
Craig Xcel
United States
Springfield Gardens
Looking For

Black man, Black woman let's take back our throne... When do we start caring about one another again?  There was a time when we had so much respect.  I remember looking at photos of my uncle's, when they were younger, from the 40's, and 50's, they dressed up to go out to the store.  They were clean!  I also remember going out on a date, and watching how the queen, that I was with, reacted to my treatment of her.  It felt good.  I picked her up at her door, escorted her to my car, opened the door, and throughout the night I showed her what it was like to be out with a gentleman.

Nowadays, it seems as if queens feel that if a man is a gentleman he must be soft.  I hear queens talking about getting a "thug".  Wow, time has really changed.  I don't want to be that change.  That's why I'm here on Ebony Over 30.  I want queens to understand that a real black man, a king, doesn't have to be a thug.  He can show respect.  He can carry himself with honor.  He knows how to treat a queen like a queen.


Additional information
Real estate
Spiritual - Not Religious
Relationship Status
I was a coin collector when I was younger (much younger). The only hobby that I can say that I have now is taking pictures. I love that.
I love sports, football let's go COWBOYS (please get rid of Romo and Garrett), basketball (New York Knicks & Brooklyn Nets), and baseball (New York Yankees & New York Mets) my favorites. I love politics, love the debates, the sound bites, and checking out the pundits...
I love learning about history, nothing more fun than learning African American history.
I really enjoy videos of strange creatures that live in the oceans. I also enjoy seeing pictures of space (remember Voyager 1, and 2).
African American
Favorite Sites
Ebony Over 30
Favorite Music
Classic R&B, soul, big bands, crooners, rock, classical, jazz, country, most music except death metal, and heavy metal.
Favorite Films
Rosewood, Wall Street (the original), many horror movies, many black and white movies,
Favorite Books
Product Of My Environment

Ebony Over 30 - Where Black Men and Black Women show respect

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