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The Ebony Over 30 Mission

What should be the mission of any company that makes money, and profits from serving people?  That mission should be to give back to those people, the community, and support them.  That's the starting point for Ebony Over 30 Inc. 

Ebony Over 30 Inc. mission includes the following:

1. We want to develop a site that foster better communication between Black Men, and Black Women.

2. Help Black Men, and Black Women develop a strong respect for one another.

3. Become the number one source for Black Men, and Black Women to develop long lasting relationships.

4. Help develop strong family values for Black Men, and Black Women.

5. Help Black Men, and Black Women control the economy of their communities.

6. Help lower crime rates in the black community.

7. Help build, and maintain better housing in the black community.

8. Help Black Men, and Black Women develop and control the education of our children.

9. Help Black Men, and Black Women become registered, and educated voters.

10. Help Black Men, and Black Women develop, build, and grow successful business enterprises.

There will be more added to our mission as we grow and you - our members - get more involved.

We need to change the conversations.  Our communities need to have hope, and a resource for assistance. 

We might not be able to change the world, but we hope that we could help change a people, and a community.

PEACE...forever upwards

Ebony Over 30 - Where Black Men and Black Women show respect

  • 01

    List your business, service or products for sale on Ebony Over 30. We want to help you succeed.

  • 02

    Join Ebony Over 30, the first 5,000 members are free. W e want to build a site that helps build our community.

  • 03

    If you have a special event in your community or club let us know. We want to help get the word out.

  • 04

    Videos we post on Ebony Over 30 can be funny, sad, painful, silly or just interesting. They are all thought provoking.