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Black People Should Not Care Until The World Cares About Us.
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Negative Position
Terrorism Affects All Of Us Equally No Matter Our Backgrounds.
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I started this debate because of what happened a few days ago, and what I read online afterwards.  A few days ago there was a terrorist attack on France.  In Paris more than 100 people were murdered while at different locations in a coordinated attack.  World leaders gathered to show solidarity with the people of France.  There were pledges to fight terrorism, and France launched air strikes in Syria.

Well that leads me to this discussion.  I read online where there were #FuckParis, #FuckFrance.  There are some black people that feel that with all that France, Europe and the United States have done, on a negative level, to black people around the world, and many African nations still pay France.  Here are 2 articles that I read online...Debt Is A Cleverly Managed Reconquest Of Africa and How France Loots It's Former Colonies.  Please read the articles first before you enter the debate.

We also see that certain events, acts of terrorism, happen to black men, and black women in the United States and elected officials and law enforcement don't want to label it terrorism,  Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church murders.

Do you feel that black people have just cause to react negatively towards the Paris attacks.


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Negative Position : We were forced to accept Christianity during slavery. (0 Points)
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10.04.2015 · From XCELENS
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