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Building a website is not a difficult task, but building a website that's designed to attract, entertain, and grow can be difficult.  Like with any other site you start with the idea.  What is it that we want to do?  What do we want to accomplish?  What's our goal?  These are basic questions that you ask when building a website.

With Ebony Over 30 we had those same questions, and more.  How do we change peoples perceptions?  How do we build respect for black men, and black women?  How do we help the African American communities around the United States?  The last one is a big one.  What we at Ebony Over 30 came up with is:

1. Rules - we put together rules that governs how we as African Americans, and black men and women throughout the diasporas communicate with each other.  No use of the "n" word, no use of the "b", and "f" word.  We feel that the first thing is for each of us to address one another in a civil manner.

2. Mission Statement - our mission statement is the foundation for our existence.  Not many websites, we don't know of any "dating" website with one.  The mission statement presents the future goals, and responsibilities of Ebony Over 30 Inc.  The goals, and responsibilities contain online, and offline statements.

We say that we're not just a "dating" website, we're much  more than that.  That statement is absolutely true.  We've added some activities that would not only make you think that you're on a dating site but make you think that you're on a social network site.  We're adding challenges, competitions, and contest on Ebony Over 30.

We see that most "dating" websites give you a photo, and a description.  Some ask you so many questions that you think that you're taking a test.  We at Ebony Over 30 feel that the best way to get to know that person that you want in your future is to see how they interact with people, see how they respond to different situations, and understand how they really feel when it comes to life changes, and challenges.

When you join Ebony Over 30 understand that you're going to become totally immersed into a world that is completely different from any thing online or offline.  It will feel familiar, and comfortable.


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Ebony Over 30 - Where Black Men and Black Women show respect

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    List your business, service or products for sale on Ebony Over 30. We want to help you succeed.

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    Join Ebony Over 30, the first 5,000 members are free. W e want to build a site that helps build our community.

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    If you have a special event in your community or club let us know. We want to help get the word out.

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    Videos we post on Ebony Over 30 can be funny, sad, painful, silly or just interesting. They are all thought provoking.