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Ebony Over 30 Difference

Black Men, Black Women Getting To Know Each Other.

Ebony Over 30 will work to become the number 1 place for African American Men, and African American Women, and black men, and black women throughout the diasporas to meet, get to know each other, and grow.  You don't have to be over 30 to join, but we only want mature, and respectful people.  We want to change how we look at, and approach one-another. 

We're not going to ask you a bunch of questions, like you're taking the SAT, to describe you...  Our site is full of activities, conversations, and events.  That's the best way to get to know each other.  Your inter-actions will really show the real you.

 Please don't call us a dating site, we're much more than that.  Come Join Ebony Over 30, and experience the difference.

It's free to join.  You can join Ebony Over 30 with your Facebook account, or many of the other social media accounts.  Click the join login button above, then click on Facebook Connect button.  Isn't that easy.  Enjoy EO30, we're so happy to welcome you into our family. 

Ebony Over 30 - Where Black Men and Black Women show respect

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    List your business, service or products for sale on Ebony Over 30. We want to help you succeed.

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    Join Ebony Over 30, the first 5,000 members are free. W e want to build a site that helps build our community.

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    If you have a special event in your community or club let us know. We want to help get the word out.

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    Videos we post on Ebony Over 30 can be funny, sad, painful, silly or just interesting. They are all thought provoking.