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10 Great things about the Black Woman that the Black Man Loves.



10 Great things about the Black Woman that the Black Man Loves.

Now I know that it's kind of played out the countdown... David Letterman ran it into the ground.  But...this list is the best of all countdowns, it's for the Black Woman.  The greatest and most disrespected woman on the planet. 

I need you to know that this isn't a scientific list, it's from me Craig Xcel from Ebony Over 30 - EO30.com and many of my brothers.  We know the greatness of the Black Woman and we wanted to tell the world.  It took time to compile this list, trying to list 10 things that we take for granted.  

Well here it is.  Please check it out, think about it, and if you want to leave comments or add your own list let EO30.com know.  Remember 84% of the Black Men that get married, marry a Black Woman.


10. Style - With style this is the most subjective thing on this list.  But a Black Woman has a style unlike any other woman on the planet.  I remember watching award shows like the Grammys, People Choice Awards and others, and seeing the style that the Black Woman shows can not be touched by any other.  When she shows up, the media doesn't want to look but they can't help themselves, they have to look.

And look around your daily lives, when a Black Woman shows up she can make any outfit look good.  She has an ability to make a pair of jeans, that were designed for "stick figures", look amazing.  When you see that Black Woman matching tops, bottoms, shoes, bags and scarves you just have to stare. 

A Black Woman has a way of taking patterns, and colors then putting them together to make her outfit look like a work of art.  No other woman can do that.


9. Colors, shapes and sizes - Now...let's look at this physical part of the Black Woman.  I mentioned stick figure women, and the Black Woman can make slim look amazing.   Even as a size 1 a Black Woman can make that look good.  Black Women comes in all shapes and sizes like all other races, but the Black Woman makes all those shapes and sizes look good, from Misty Copeland to Mo'Nique, It all looks good. 

The larger Black Women has a walk, a rhythm, that no other race of women can match.  And as you notice there was no mention of "color", because the Black Woman can come in many different shades.  No other woman can make that claim.  Some other races come in pale and "paler", or pink and red.  Here's a taste of color - Paula Patton, Gabriel Union, Angela Bassett, Sanaa Latham, Loretta Devine, Lena Horne, Phylicia Rishad, Vanessa L. Williams, Vanessa Williams just to name a few.


8. Leadership ability - There are times in recent history that the Black Woman had to step up and take over the leadership responsibility temporarily.  We look at Fannie Lou Hamer, Harriet Tubman, Angela Davis, Ida B. Wells, Dorothy Height and Sojourner Truth to name a few.  She can lead a movement, or a nation.


7. Her Smile - I was looking at pictures of Black Men and Black Women from the early 1900's to my mother through the 60's, and very few of the pictures showed a Black Woman smiling.  I don't know why that was, maybe it was the pressures they were dealing with, troubled times, maybe even something that was looked down upon.  I don't know the reason.

But over the past 20+ years I look at the photos of the Black Woman and when you see her smile, it's powerful.  It means that things are alright, even if it's just for a short time.  When a Black Woman smiles it's special.  I pulled up pictures online showing that smile, if it doesn't do something special to you then you haven't looked at the picture.  When my sisters, nieces, friends smile whatever negativity I was dealing with seems so much smaller.

When groups of Black Women get together and they're smiling and laughing it is a site to see.  To some it might be a problem like when the Black Women on the Napa Valley Wine Train got kicked off for laughing too loud.    


6. Brilliance - When speaking about the brilliance of the Black Woman, I'm not talking about great and notable inventors like Patricia Bath, Valerie Thomas, Alice Augusta Ball or Janet Bashen ( look them up).  I'm talking about YOU, the one that touches us daily, the one that's not known or celebrated world wide.  YOU Black Woman that comes up with remedies for everything from cuts, bruises, colds and more. 

You're able to take what you're given and build something great with it.  I remember with mom no matter what was going on in our home financially my brothers, sisters and I never knew that there was a problem.

You're able to analyze a situation, and come up with a great solution, though sometimes our pride as Black Men won't allow us to accept it.  Another time I remember when I had problems with my credit.  I had a sister in my life that took over my finances paid all my bills, I still was able to do everything that I was doing before, and still had spending money.  My credit score jumped more than 100 points.  I still don't know what she did but I'm not complaining. 


5. Flexibility - When you look at the Black Woman she has the uncanny ability to adjust to whatever situation that she's faced with, she'll be your lady, friend, critic, supporter, partner, psychologist, she can be anything that you need.  I remember 1 time when I got into a debate with a group of people about American history, and the sister that I was with jumped into the debate to help me.  I told her that I don't do that, no woman will ever have to defend me.  She told me later that she always had to do this with the other guys she would be with.  I knew one sister that would be the first to fight if her man had a problem. 

It's that natural willingness to adjust and change with the situation that makes the Black Woman special.  This instinct is unique among women.  I have a female friend today that will dumb down her knowledge to have the men around her feel comfortable, but with me she could show what she knows.

For those Black Women that read this, keep doing what you do.  It's an amazing thing, you're amazing.


4. Beauty - This is a superficial thing on the list, and remember "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  I also believe personally that there is no ugly person on the planet.  There are people that you feel is appealing and you don't, that doesn't mean that someone else doesn't look at that person and say "wow, I'm in love".  With that said, I saw pictures of some stars without their makeup, needless to say I felt that they should hire a 24/7 makeup artist.  And using the term "makeup artist" is true, they made that plain Jane into a star, a sex symbol, the fantasy of many young men.

Then I saw many of the Black female stars without makeup and most of them looked like the "sister next door" that you wanted to talk to.   Many of them looked like the sisters that I had a crush on when I was growing up.  I remember this time riding the E train from Queens to Manhattan, and there was this sister on the platform.  She was as dark as night, no makeup, and slim figured.  Well anyway, every brother on the train got up to look at her.  She was an amazing beauty.  She stood there just blushing because there was at least 20 Black Men just staring at her, I was one of them.  Did I mention she had no makeup on. 

Black Women have a natural beauty that's unmatched.   Hell she could wash her face, put some Vaseline or lotion on, and she's good to go.  YUMMY delicious...


3. Strength - This is a powerful thing here, there are times in history that the Black Woman had to do things to protect the Black Man and her family, that no other woman on the planet had to endure.  There were times when the Black Woman had to sacrifice he body to save her family.  Even after giving herself to a monster she was still able to be mommy to her children, and wife to the Black Man.  She had to make the choice to do what she had to do or lose her family or her husband.

There was a show one time there was a show The Tempestt Bledsoe Show (Vanessa from The Cosby Show).  This show was in 1995 or 1996, there was an episode where she had a white family of 5 or 6 that the mother had to try and feed them on $400 per month budget.  What The?...really... Tempestt acted as if that was an accomplishment.  I personally know Black mothers that had to feed families of 5 or more on $20 a week or even less.  That's the strength of the Black Woman.

The Black Woman is the most disrespected woman on the planet.  She's even disrespected at time by negroes (I can't say Black Men because a real Black Man won't disrespect the Black Woman).  She's the worlds sex symbol even without trying.  She is the object of all races of men sexual fantasies, without even trying.  And she's still able to take care of her business while trying to ignore that image.  She has to burry her children due to street violence and crazy cops and still keep the family together.  There's time when she had to burry her husband and keep the strong appearance for the public and family.

I remember on a personal note with my family.  My father left us when things really started getting crazy, 2 brothers in prison, sister on drugs, another sister always getting into fights and drinking, and me withdrawing at times, and rebelling at times.  Mom had to try and keep us from imploding.  She made it so that when things started to change for us we were able to come together again.


2. Understands The Black Man - Some might think this should be #1, I chose it for #2.  This one might receive the most complaints, and arguments.  Black Women are the ONLY women on the planet that can really understand the Black Man.  She's able to feel our pain.  She's able to support us in our struggles.  When we as Black Men are depressed the Black Woman feels it, she knows why we feel the way we do, and how to help us deal with the way we feel.  Non Blacks would try to give a "pep talk" but the Black Woman knows that we just need a shoulder, we might need someone that has our back, someone that doesn't look at us as if we're just imagining the struggle, pain or hardships.

I've gone through things in life that were painful, and there were times when I wanted to give up.  I remember non Black friends would just keep running their mouths, and a sister would just sit next to me and hold my hand.  That meant more than all the speeches that I was hearing. 

The Black Woman was by the Black Mans side through all of the good and bad times.  Others want to try and capitalize on the good times.  The Black Woman will take what ever comes her way good or bad.  As unarmed Black Men and children are being murdered by the police there are those that will walk around with signs and slogans.  The Black Women will walk by our side and is willing to lay her life on the line for us.

When you look at the Black Panther Party you see the Black Woman didn't want to just be in the back taking care of the children, cooking and cleaning.  She wanted to be by the side of the Black Man willing to give her life with and for him.

There's no other woman on the planet that will be willing to make that sacrifice so readily, so easily.  The Black Woman has shown the Black Man that if he needed a helping hand she offered 2 of them.  When Marcus Mosiah Garvey built the UNIA the Black Woman was standing strong with the Black Man.  When you look at the Nation Of Islam you see the Black Woman there standing strong with the Black Man.  She's willing to stand by the Black Mans side no matter what the danger is, or what the consequences are. 

The Black Woman knows that we, the Black Man, have lost our thrown.  She knows the pain.  She understands the pain that we feel.  She understands the pain that there are times when we struggle to deal with our jobs, school, the looks that people give us, the reactions from strangers.  She knows the pain when our plans and dreams don't work the way we wanted.

The Black Woman will be there because her mind, body, soul and heart feels the Black Man, connects with the Black Man, loves the Black Man.  No other woman can feel this or try to be a substitute.  Only the original will do.


1. Queen - This last one is almost a summary of all the other 9 points.  This is also historical.  We can list queens like Cleopatra, Nefetari, Nefertiti, Hapshetsut, Amina and many more.  It's in the Black Woman's blood. 

The reason for the hatred and disrespect of the Black Woman is because the world knows who she really is, her body has shaped fashion for years.  Designers made dresses for other women to try and give them the shape of the Black Woman (it didn't work remember they had to take off those dresses).  There are many women around the world trying to get the Black Woman's shape using medical procedures, implants and collegian injections.  Many are trying to get the coloring with the tanning, cover themselves with oils and lay out on the beach.

There are those that try to belittle the greatness of Black Woman's achievements, like with the Williams sisters in tennis, Gabby Douglas, Dominique Dawes and Simone Biles in gymnastics, and when you look at the WNBA there might be just 1 or 2 non Black women you can name.

Black Women have an uncanny way of making other women look bad when they go head to head.  I remember looking at Ruby Dee, Lena Horne, Diahann Carroll, Phylicia Rashad, Tina Turner, and Cicely Tyson you can understand why other women can be jealous.  It's true Black Don't Crack.

Now look again at her style, color, shapes, sizes, leadership ability, her smile, brilliance, flexibility, beauty, strength, and how she understands the Black Man.  Yes add it all up.  The Black Woman Is A Queen....


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